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What TeleClinicUSA Can Do for You

  • High Quality, Cost Effective and  Personalized Medical Care

  • Consult a Physician from the Convenience of your Home or while Travelling

  • Body Weight Management with Medical and Mental Support

TeleClinicUSA Improves Access to HealthCare

Our goal is to help fill the gap for the wait time with your primary care physician, psychologist or pediatrician. We aim to help you access medical and mental care without disturbing your busy schedule. You can visit with us after work and on the weekend.

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TeleClinicUSA Physicians

 Dr. Fatima Khan (founder) is Board certified in Internal Medicine. She has extensive experience in Emergency Medicine. Her holistic approach to health problems helps patients control their chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, muscle and joint problems.

Dr. Jakica Tancabelic is Board certified in Pediatrics. She is also specialized in bleeding disorders in children, adolescents and young adults.

Dr. George W. Stern is a Board Licensed Psychologist with over 20 years of experience treating children and adults with behavior and adjustment disorders.

All our high qualified staff strongly believes that carefully listening and supporting patients leads to better evaluation and treatment.

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Service Coverage

We offer evaluation of chronic medical conditions, review of current medication and medication refills.

We can provide evaluation and possible treatment of non life threatening/mild conditions in children, adolescents and adults such as colds, cough, constipation, joint and muscle pain.

We specialize in medical and mental support for weight management issues, whether is losing or gaining weight.

We use fee for service method of payment:

$75-Initial Consultation, up to 60 minutes.

$40- Follow up Visits for Established Patients.

$25- Body Weight Issues Management and Support, up to 30 minutes per session. We recommend weekly or biweekly (twice a month) visits.

We do not accept commercial insurance at this time.

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